A grassroots, environmental justice organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District


Better Neighborhoods, Same Neighbors

In District 11, a groundswell of grassroots planning is paving the way to implement people powered community development.  PODER and our allies in Communities United for Health & Justice, hit the streets with clipboards and mapping tools.  Across culture

People Powered Planning in District 11

We are flipping the script!  Instead of waiting for developers to make over our neighborhoods, neighborhood leaders in District 11 are doing it for themselves.  Working class, inmigrante, and people of color folks are stepping forward to plan their own

Latino Youth Cool Down the Planet

Organizing for Climate Justice in San Francisco Spring 2012

PODER has been organizing for environmental justice in San Francisco for nearly 25 years. We have fostered the leadership of hundreds of youth from southeast San Francisco to organize in their

Home is Where the Heart Is

A People-Powered Vision for the Balboa Park Upper Yard, Excelsior District July 2012

In 2012, PODER, the Filipino Community Center, and Coleman Advocates released Home Is Where the Heart Is:  A People Powered Community Vision for the Balboa Station Upper

Putting the Pieces Together

People Powered Solutions for Neighborhood Jobs & the Local Economy April 2012

In April 2012, PODER with our partners in Communities United for Health and Justice released our People Powered Solutions for Neighborhood Jobs & the Local Economy report. Based

Sowing Seeds, Growing Justice, Restoring Community

How PODER Members are Building a New Economy Now 2011

Even before the Great Recession in the late 2000s , San Francisco was a deeply unequal city, with immigrants — 37 % of the population — among its most vulnerable