A grassroots, environmental justice organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District

Maria Elena Ramos

Civic Engagement Associate
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My hometown is Cuscatancingo, San Salvador, El Salvador. I am from a big family who was forced to migrate to the Unites Stated due to the civil war in my country in the 1980s.

Since I arrived to this country in 2009, 10 year ago, my first lived experiences have been in the Excelsior District. I saw how difficult it was to advance in this country due to different customs, language barriers, and different laws than those in our own country. Because of our color, race, and language, we experience injustices and discrimination. For this reason, since October of 2009 until today, I participate with various community organizations. They include: Coleman Advocates, PODER, and Excelsior Works! I support, advocate, and collaborate with the community that I belong in. I have been involved in supporting rights to education, language access, immigration, environmental justice, climate change, and accessing affordable housing for low-income community members.