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Our Communities are Not for Sale … Join the Community Dialogue for the Balboa Reservoir

The City is moving forward with plans to re-develop the Balboa Reservoir, a large, publicly owned site next to City College. Public land belongs to the everyday youth, families, and elders that make up our neighborhoods. To date, the city has made few concrete commitments to ensure truly community-based development. The loudest voices have been nearby homeowners who are concerned about the impacts of new development on their local areas.

In these times of economic insecurity and deep lack of housing affordability, this publicly owned site is a concrete opportunity for community based development that meets our community’s needs. The knowledge and expertise for real community-serving development is in our own barrios, schools, and community organizations.

This Tuesday, the City will hold a public workshop and community meeting at City College. They are getting ready to bring on a development team as soon as this Fall. Join in on the dialogue!

Tuesday, May 5th,
6:00 pm
City College Multi Use Building, 50 Phelan Avenue
Room 140