A grassroots, environmental justice organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District

PUEBLOTE: Public Lands in People’s Hands


PUEBLOTE: Public Lands in People’s Hands

The PUEBLOTE campaign reclaims neighborhood assets, like parks and other sites, to meet the needs of existing low-income communities. Along with meeting the need for green space, the campaign seeks to provide jobs to local residents as part community development projects. We bring the knowledge and experience of neighborhood residents to community planning efforts.

Our recent victories include:

  • Affordable Housing and Parks. We’ve worked with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) to turn over a site at 17th and Folsom streets in the Mission District to the Mayor’s Office of Housing to develop urgently needed affordable housing. The San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department also plans to develop a park and garden at the site as well.
  • Mixed-Use Development. We have secured the transfer of the Balboa Park Municipal Transportation Agency’s Upper Yard in the Excelsior neighborhood to the Mayor’s Office of Housing to bring about a grassroots vision for a mixed-use, affordable development project.

The success of these campaigns has opened the door to reclaim additional public lands and spearhead sustainability projects that would create apprenticeship and employment opportunities for local youth. We are looking at sites such as the Secret Garden in the Mission District and the Hummingbird Farm in the Excelsior District as areas for community-based sustainable development.