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Jacqueline Gutierrez

Youth Program Coordinator

Jacqueline was born and raised in San Francisco with roots in Mexico City. She studied Raza Studies and Sociology at City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University. Before joining PODER as Youth Program Coordinator, Jacqueline was (and

Laura Melgarejo

Lead Civic Engagement Organizer

Laura was born and raised in México, in the state of Michoacán. She migrated at the age of 14 to the United States. Laura is the first generation of her family to attend college and the first organizer in her

Oscar Grande

Lead Community Organizer

Oscar is the son of Salvadoran immigrants who settled in San Francisco’s Mission & Excelsior Districts. Steeped in the environmental justice movement, he has over 17 years of experience organizing with community members to resist a legacy of environmental and

Marilyn Duran

Community Organizer

Marilyn Duran was born and raised by a Nicaragüense mom in the Mission where she still currently lives. After following the leadership of her older sister who was youth organizer, she joined PODER at the age of 14. As a

Amy Aguilera

Civic Engagement Organizer

Amy Aguilera became involved in social justice work after learning about HR4437, a discriminatory legislative bill aimed at California’s immigrant communities. Born and raised in Oxnard, CA to immigrant parents she saw the injustice this would bring to many families

Jessie Fernandez

Community Organizer

Jessie Fernandez was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. While at San Francisco State University he studied Ethnic Studies and Urban Studies and Planning. He has organizing experience on issues ranging from educational equity, administrative accountability, predatory remittance

Charlie Sciammas

Lead Community Organizer

Charlie was schooled in the traditions and practices of community organizing and the environmental justice movement over the last 15 years while working with PODER.  He was trained in the tools of participatory planning and equitable development on the streets

Antonio Díaz

Organizational Director

Antonio is originally from the Texas – México frontera/borderlands. He attended the University at Texas at Austin where he studied Philosophy. He has been active in the movement for environmental and economic justice since the early 1990’s. He moved

Tere Almaguer

Environmental Justice Organizer

Tere is PODER’s Environmental Justice Organizer and has served in this role for over 15 years. Tere previously coordinated the youth leadership program, a hands on organizing and political education program for hundreds of San Francisco youth. Currently, Tere is